Hindgut microbiome of herbivorous marine fish


Herbivorous fish host in their hindgut a refined microbial system capable of converting seaweed compounds into nutrients for its growth and maintenance. This microbial system can be an innovative and sustainable alternative to provide new seaweed-derived products for the global food supply chain. In order to do so, our goal in this project is to investigate community composition and function of the naturally evolved symbiotic interactions between herbivorous fish and hindgut microbes.



Microbiology and nutritional ecology of seaweed-eating fishes

Chemical speciation in marine ecosystems: Dr. Tona Sanchez-Palacios – University of Canberra, Tuti Siregar – University of Canberra

Applied comparative animal nutrition: Dr. Liz Koutsos (EnviroFlight LLC)

Downstream process development: Dr. Jagan Billakanti (Callaghan Innovation) 

Fermentation process development: Dr. Rashad Syed (Callaghan Innovation)

Funding source

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) Endeavour Grant